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Children's dentistry tips

It's a special gift to be able to make children feel comfortable at the dentist. Many times children pick up if their parents or carers are nervous about going to the dentist and start to take on some of the stress around the dental visit themselves. Luckily treatments for children are usually painless and we are getting better and better at giving children treatments that are not visible when they laugh and talk. There are a lot of things you can do at home to help make children feel more comfortable about their dental visits, which I collect on this site.

Want naturally white teeth? Eat these foods.

It seems as though everyone is on a quest to have whiter teeth, and there is little doubt as to why. A gleaming white smile can give a person more confidence in so many facets of their life, from dating to the boardroom, while stained teeth can make people feel insecure and self-conscious. One way of achieving the perfect by smile is by altering your diet. You are probably aware that cutting out tea and coffee is a great start, but did you know that there are foods you can consume that actively whiten your teeth? Read More